Dr. Exler & Dr. Kuptsch, Team für innovatives Personalmanagement

As professionals for HR management we care for a close networking with our customers. We create added value for your company and integrate the customer focus and the competitive environment of our customers in our own activities for more than 20 years.

We are not acting impartial, we stand for a fundamental concept taking into account both performance as well as individual development. We react quickly and pragmatically, applying our life and long-term consulting experience transparently, openly and on equal terms with our customers.

The following areas of HR work are particularly important to us:

We offer all our services internationally and we can provide many years of experience in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Digitization in HR: study highlights significant deficits

While nearly all areas of human resource management (HRM) are expected by the executives surveyed that digitization will take off considerably in the coming five years, the study highlights significant deficits in the preparation and implementation of digital change. 44% of respondents said that HR staff do not have the necessary skills to succeed in digital change. Almost four out of five HR employees with deficiencies in digital competencies are not receiving adequate training.
(see the study – in German – with a click on the image)