Our Team

For many years, have successfully provided our academic training and professional to our customers in the productive, administrative and scientific sector. Now we are expanding our team: since October 2018, Dr. Andreas Böhm is enhancing our team as a new managing partner.

Dr. Phil. Dipl.-Psych. Christian Exler

Dr. Phil. Dipl.-Psych. Constanze Kuptsch

Dr. rer. nat. MSc Andreas Böhm

Our university background is the basis of our qualifications, however we continuously develop our professional and individual training very consistently. In addition, we maintain contact with scholarship and cooperate with various national as well as international academies and the universities in Munich (Department of Psychology of LMU Munich), Kiel (Institute of Psychology of CAU Kiel), Lüneburg (Economic Psychology) and Zurich (Psychological Institute of the University Zurich).

In addition to the managing partners, our team consists – depending on the project and the task – of other business partners, with whom we have been working productively for many years.

Business Partners

(in alphabetical order)